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Addiction Test 2.0 – The Olympics

Posted in 1, 2008 Summer Olympics with tags , , , , , , , on August 20, 2008 by nathanjzacharias

Well, we find ourselves in the last few days of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Many of you out there are probably wondering how you’re going to cope with the conclusion.  You’re probably worried about the inevitable shakes and cravings that will come sometime next week when you need the gold medal fix and can’t get it.  You’re probably dreading having to go back to….regularly scheduled programming.  Oh the humanity!

Not sure if you’re one of those people? Well, the Betty Ford Clinic may be too expensive (and too full) for you to get yourself checked out, but the good news is that I’ve come up with another easy test to help determine if you’re addicted to the Olympics. 

1.  When you make it to work 3 seconds earlier than your coworker you think you blew them out of the water.

2.  When your friends ask you what you did that day, you wheel in a TV and play a short movie that recaps your day in dramatic slow-motion and highlights a tear-jerking story about how Subway was out of your favorite bread that day.

3.  In an effort to get ready quicker in the morning, you wear the Speedo LZR in the shower.

4.  At lunch, you ask a coworker to be your partner in synchronized eating.

5.  Every morning you not only jump out of bed, but you stick the landing too. 

6.  When you’re waiting for a light to turn green you just keep muttering to yourself, “no false start….no false start.”

7.  Before you get ready to use the computer you put chalk on your hands.

8.  Each morning for breakfast you have a bowl of porridge; three fried egg sandwiches with fried onion, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise; a five-egg omelette; three slices of French toast; a stack of chocolate chip pancakes; and two large cups of coffee.

9.  When you’re boss asks you why you haven’t finished a project, you say it’s a marathon not a sprint and you’re conserving your energy.

10.  Before you make any decision you ask yourself, “What would Bob Costas think?”

If any of those are you, then you’re going to have Olympic withdrawal next week.


Speedo? Or not Speedo? That is the question…

Posted in 2008 Summer Olympics with tags , , , on June 24, 2008 by nathanelwell

 Steroids…Growth Supplements…SPEEDO’s???  I would’ve never thought that a swimsuit could be controversial, but that is exactly what is developing with the LZR Racer swimsuit, developed by Speedo, as we move closer to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The summer Olympic games have a history all the way back to 1896, which 245 competitors from 14 countries met in Athens, Greece.  Swimming was one of the events during the 1896 Olympics and it featured 4 events: the 100m freestyle, the 500m freestyle, the 1200m freestyle, and the sailors 100m freestyle.  There is no doubt that there has been plenty of changes since the 1896 Olympics.  Travel is easier.  The media creates more pressure for the athletes.  modern medicine and dieting has been suffciently researched.  There are more companies that offer sponsorships for Olympic teams.  But there is a question:  How much is too much when it comes to the design of athlete’s equipment for the Olympic games?  The FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) is the governing body of all water sports for the Olympics.  Their rules state (with much confusion) that swimsuits should not be made with more buoyancy (WHAT?).  Swimmers, though, have agreed that the LZR Racer, made by Speedo, has created just that: more buoyancy.  Since the LZR Racer’s “swimming debut” in February, swimmers wearing the suit have been responsible for 38 world records.  Recently in a swim meet in Tokyo, there were 17 swim records broken, and all but one of the swimmers was wearing the LZR Racer.  The swim records broken this year, are the most since the Summer Olympics in Montreal in 1976.

Gone are the days of skimpy speedos that practically make a swimmer look nude.  In are the days of the LZR Racer.  In my opinion, should anyone be allowed to wear a swimsuit that takes 3 years of research to design?  How about a swimsuit that succumbed to several tests within a NASA wind-resistence wind tunnel?  Or how about the water flume testing, fluid dynamics analysis, or three dimentional body scalling?  In this case, it may take a rocket scientist to prove that the swimsuits have gone overboard.  What is next…  Will Olympic swimmers take fish scales and sow them to their skin?  That in itself might create environmental and animal rights issues, so forget I suggested it.

If we set aside the controversy surrounding the swimsuit, I must admit that the suit was designed by individuals, and is considered an “invention”.  Is it fair to criticize someone’s creation, if the end result is a product that provides superior “swimmability”?  Should Speedo feel proud that Asics, Adidas, Tyr, and Nike scientists are left outside the design room, smashing their creative noses against the glass window?  Some swimwear companies have gone as far as to sue Speedo.  Tyr Sport feels that Speedo has “conspired” with USA Swimming to leave all competition for lack of a better word “drowned”.

We have yet to see how the Speedo LZR Racer will enhance the performance of swimmers at the Summer Olympic games in Beijing.  But one thing is for sure…Speedo is raising a level of controversy that could either make them look incredibly foolish, or could give them more free publicity and make them look incredibly clever.  But one thing is for sure – if I were a swimmer, I’d rely on my swimming more than the swimsuit.  There is always the chance it could get banned before the Olympics begin…